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Alfred Butts first developed Lexiko in 1931 based upon the frequency of letters on the front page of the New York Times. By 1940, a gameboard had been added and the name was changed to Criss Cross Words. The rules were simplified in 1948, and the name was changed to SCRABBLE. In 1952, the President of Macy’s discovered SCRABBLE, and its popularity has surged ever since. Over 100 million games have been sold worldwide, making it easily the world’s best selling word game.

 Mosher Butts ist der Erfinder von SCRABBLE. Die Urform des Spiels hiess LEXICO. Im Jahr 1931 hat er 200 Spiele selbst hergestellt und an Freunde und Bekannte verteilt. Er bot das Spiel auch Parker und MB an, doch diese wollten es nicht. (siehe rechts)

1938 wurde LEXICO umbenannt in New Anagrams, Alph, Criss-Cross sowie Criss-Crosswords, doch die folgenden 10 Jahre tat sich nichts.

Erst durch die Aktivitäten von James Brunot begann der Siegeszug von SCRABBLE. Am 01.12.1948 stellte er einen Patentantrag auf die Spielidee und am 16.12.48 erhielt er das Patent auf Scrabble®. Von 1948-52 stellte James Brunot SCRABBLE selbst her und verkaufte es sehr erfolgreich. Im Jahr 1952 übernahm der Verlag Selchow & Richter die Rechte für USA und Kanada. 1953 erhielt der Verlag J.W.Spear & Sons die Rechte für Grossbritannien und den Rest der Welt. 1987 ging Scrabble (USA/Kanada) an den Verlag Milton Bradley (MB). 1994 ging der Verlag Spears samt den Rechten für SCRABBLE an Mattel.

Die Welt ist eingeteilt in 2 „SCRABBLE-Zonen“.
1. MB: USA/Kanada – 2. MATTEL: Rest der Welt


   History of Scrabble

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Selchow & Richter (USA)

SCRABBLE Selchow&Richter USA 1953

Selchow & Richter 1952/5


by Production and Marketing USA 1954

SCRABBLE by Production and Marketing
USA 195

Werbebeilage von Selchow & Richter 1954

Scrabble Werbung Selchow&Richter USA 1954



SCRABBLE SENTENCE CUBE GAME - Selchow & Richter USA 1971 SCRABBLE - Selchow & Richter USA 1982 SCRABBLE Collectors Edition - Selchow & Richter USA SCRABBLE Deluxe Edition - Selchow & Richter USA SCRABBLE deluxe edition - Selchow & Richter USA 1976 SCRABBLE Deluxe Edition - Selchow & Richter USA 1948 SCRABBLE - Selchow & Richter USA 1977 SCRABBLE - Selchow & Richter USA 1976 SCRABBLE - Selchow & Richter USA 1968






SCRABBLE - Selchow & Richter USA

Milton Bradley  (USA)

J.W. Spears and Sons (GB)

SCRABBLE mit Drehkreuz - Spears BRD

SCRABBLE bei Franklin Mint:

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Do you love playing scrabble for countless hours on end? Do you destroy your opponents with huge impossible to create words? Then you need to show the world with a University Diploma showing your brilliance. It comes with the following inscription: “Having scored with the elusive words Xiphosuran & Quadrivium, and having done so through the „triple word“ block, the faculty and staff of  Scrabble University hereby bestow upon”

These diplomas are obviously fakes – but who has to know, and who cares. The signatures on them aren’t real people, but nobody cares about that either – Your diploma might be signed by Abraham Lincoln or Jesse Ventura ( depends how I feel) … Hang it on your wall with pride and show the world how great you are. Or show the world what and idiot someone else is – YOUR CHOICE!!

All diplomas are printed on 57 lb. white linen cover stock and come with an official gold seal (oh boy!!). They will be personalized with your name (real or fake) and any other additions you might want. For example: Jo e Smith –or- Jo e “I am the greatest” Smith –or- Jo e “my loser husband” Smith. You get the idea. What fun!! Use your imagination – I sure did creating these things. Have a particular Diploma in mind? I can probably use my sick mind to create it!! These Diplomas come UNFRAMED – sorry, you’ll have to get your own frame at Walmart or some other frame selling place.

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