Finding Game Instructions

Finding Game Instructions (for American games) – from Bruce Whitehill


There are a number of websites through which you may be able to find or purchase instructions for American games. Some sites offer rules for free; most charge a nominal fee — anywhere from $1 to $5 for an email copy or hardcopy of game instructions.

Also, some of these sites provide missing parts for games, as well, and most have new and/or used games for sale.

If you have a game that is very recent (within the last five-or-so years), first try to contact the company that produced the game.


For older games, here is a list of some of the websites that offer game instructions:

The Association of Game and Puzzle Collectors (AGPC) archives:

Darwin’s Game Closet and Darwin Beyer’s Missing Game Parts:

New Gamebits:

Elliot Avedon Museum of Games:



Gamers Alliance:


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